Thursday, January 13, 2011

Family Night

We went out for ice cream to our favorite place, Sub zero! They have a Wii in the back along with a pool, table,Foosball table and music. The Kids Love it there and we love it because it is so affordable! So We load up drive over and Guess what? They have closed their doors,no longer here, another small business down the drain. Man i was frustrated and the kids were bummed, so we went to our next favorite place, Cold stone! Yummy!!                    

Jamen had Cotton candy ice cream with Gummy bears and Kit Kat ( That does not sound good)
Emmit had Cotton candy with bubble gum and reices pieces (sounds equally gross)
Me and Dylan had Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry's and choc syrup Yummy
Justin had Oreo filling ice cream with kit kat and snickers.(that is rich I got sweeted out after one bite)
So much fun I love my family and glad we were able to go do this even if our favorite place was closed!                  


Becca said...

Your boys really did make the grossest combinations of flavors. Ew. That sub zero place sounds cool--too bad they didn't make it. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!

Bon said...

How fun Shar! And yeah for blogging. I have been enjoying it so much lately too!

Camille said...

Oh, that is tragic! I didn't know they had closed. :( I had only been there once before and have been planning on taking my family there for so long. I shouldn't have put it off!

Katie Lee said...

Wow... Dylan looks identical to Emmit in that top picture!!! Yummy Colstone, where was my invite? :D

Nichole and Rob said...

Look at you ya littler blogger. You have out done me. Miss you.

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