Thursday, January 13, 2011

Family Night

We went out for ice cream to our favorite place, Sub zero! They have a Wii in the back along with a pool, table,Foosball table and music. The Kids Love it there and we love it because it is so affordable! So We load up drive over and Guess what? They have closed their doors,no longer here, another small business down the drain. Man i was frustrated and the kids were bummed, so we went to our next favorite place, Cold stone! Yummy!!                    

Jamen had Cotton candy ice cream with Gummy bears and Kit Kat ( That does not sound good)
Emmit had Cotton candy with bubble gum and reices pieces (sounds equally gross)
Me and Dylan had Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry's and choc syrup Yummy
Justin had Oreo filling ice cream with kit kat and snickers.(that is rich I got sweeted out after one bite)
So much fun I love my family and glad we were able to go do this even if our favorite place was closed!                  

Monday, January 3, 2011

Over The Break

My sweetest Neighbor
 I had so much fun with the family over the break! We relaxed, had a big sledding party, ate way to much food, had a sleep over at my mother in laws house :) played the wii (I hold the record for archery) My husband tried to beat me,but with no success!We had everyone over for the new year,and we stayed up sooooo late soooo many nights. A Highlight of my break was with my neighbor.We had a lovely dinner with Her,my sweet Ursula a woman from Germany.My boys and I just love her so much! Well then a few days later she told me she had something for me. I went to her house and she had 4 big bags full of all her pigs she has collected over the years and wanted me to have them.(I have collected pigs since i was a child)It was so special too me and i am so grateful to have such a wonderful woman in my life. 

Me,Rebecca, Kailey and Hanna Playing games and Ringing in the New Year
   Hanna and Chris taught us how to play a new game that we both lurve, called settlers of catan. We saw lots of family and friends and really just had a superb Vacation. I have felt so blessed this Holiday Season and as I start the new Year, My life has changed so much over the past few years and mostly all for the good. I see a new me. I Feel like I have been given too many blessings to count and i am so grateful. I

A New Year A New Chapter

Hanna and Finley at the Sledding Party

 I Know all the changes that I have made Have been through the help of my Heavenly Father. Some days I feel so undeserving, but I have certainty felt the Healing powers take place in my heart and as I follow His teachings. What a Blessing that in itself is! To have felt His love, To be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and to be made whole again,  I have been given so much. I look forward to this New year . Cheers!! To the New Year

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

 Another year has flown right on bye, my kids are a year older, new challenges, different blessings, new paint, an extra 8 lbs :) ect. ect. ect. . I find myself thinking about all the goals I want to write down and start tackling, and  naturally my mind then turns to all the goals i made last year and never did complete. Then i just feel inadequate and like i cant and wont achieve these new resolutions.
   So after a little battle,some prayer and some positive self talk. I realized what i must do and what i am going to do. I will stand up and have the strength and determination to work towards these goals. I will not let anything stand in my way. I will and can achieve my goals. I will not let the insecurities and my lack of good self esteem get me down. I will Be more. I will try harder. I will love myself. This year I will succeed.I will be the Woman i always said someday i want to be. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dates with My little Men

So every other month I take my boys on individual dates of there choosing! We have so much fun and each time we play a game called Twenty questions, and get to know eachother better and build memories together. I really think it has helped me bond and enjoy each one of there very differant personalities.

Dylan's Date: We hung out at the house, played ball and learned new words. I love spending time with my boys.

Emmit's Date: Me and emmit decided to go see Ice age #3 It was such a good show we laughed and had so much fun.

Jamen's date: He picked to go to great wall, a family favorite chinese resteraunt. We had so much food our belly's just about burst.

The week after this date i went on a date with my husband to see New moon and do dinner . I got dolled up and my son was so upset, i asked him why he was mad and bless his heart He told me "Mom when you went on our dates you looked wretched and then you got pretty for dad." Needless to say but i think our next group on individual dates i will take a little more effort. Lol

Monday, May 3, 2010

Supercross Salt Lake City Utah

So it is my twenty sixth birthday and i decided to take the reins on the celebration and buy supercross tickets for my big day! It was such a good decision, Supercross is now my favorite sport to watch, words cannot describe the amount of thrill and awsomeness(that might not be a webster word)that goes on watching a race! Fabulous Time!! We arrived early to go to the pits,check out all the bikes and riders. We saw so many cool things and famous riders and the coolest of all I got my picture taken with Andy Bell from the show NitroCircus on mtv. They do some amazing stunts, tricks whatever ya want to call um! Any way now i am like practically famous lol! The boys got his autograph and a poster. It was a good way to start off the night!

This is the track, we had fabulous seats and it was a rush!

We went with my sister Alison, Brian and Benson. They go every year and are major fans. We stayed at there house and had such a good time. I enjoyed spending time with their family.

Me Justy and the boys. The whole time the boys were giggling so loud and just screaming. Watching there excitment and joy was just as enjoyable as the races .

It ended up raining,snowing freezing us at the very end, but we came prepared with ponchos and remained glued to the seats. Number 14 won Kevin Windahm It was intense!!
Great Birthday, Let the good times roll!!!